Song Zu is the most awarded music and sound design company in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We work in all facets of sonic branding including soundtracks for advertisements on TV and radio, online content, VR and installation spaces. Our unique position of being one of the longest standing companies in our line of work is testament to our creative problem solving ability. We provide the full audio and post-production service, from music composition and sound design to voice over casting. We have also sound supervised, scored and mixed a number of TV series, documentaries and feature films, some of which have gone on to win awards around the globe. We have post-production studios in Sydney and Singapore.


We’re real musicians that live and breathe music. We play in bands, produce bands and write albums. We produce film scores and conduct orchestras. We connect the real music world to the commercial world by bringing originality, insight and creativity to every task, be it a sweeping feature-length film score or a two-second station ID. But above all, we bring integrity, because we believe in the power of music and sound to resonate, to take you to places where pictures can’t.