Do you need help with a difficult voice casting? Save precious time by hiring us to do the leg work. Simply send us your brief and we can do the rest. With over 60 years combined experience working in film, television, and radio our engineers and producers can help you find the perfect tone for your brand, animation or show.

We source talent from far and wide, be it a comedy side show, a blues singer or an up-and-comer at NIDA. It is our endeavour to always find a voice that you wouldn’t have heard of and that you will love.

Our engineers are the top in their field and are well versed at directing talent, having recorded award winning performances from actors such as John Cleese, Robert Downey Jr, David Wenham, Susie Porter and Russell Crowe to name a few. Their experience is also a major factor in making sure both the talent and your clients are on point.

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