Ian graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a Bachelor of Business Studies in 1989. Moving to London, he took up a position with Arthur Andersen where he specialised in advertising and media including a long-term secondment to Martin Sorrell’s WPP Group.

In 1996 after relocating to Sydney he joined Song Zu as General Manager and in 2000 he left to join Supersonic as their General Manager and Executive Producer primarily working in TV and film including Alex Proyas’s feature film, Garage Days. He later solidified his feature film experience at Song Zu as the Music Contractor on the Michael Joy IF Award-winning feature, Men’s Group.

In August 2003 he became part of the Song Zu Management buy-out team before relocating to Song Zu Singapore in April 2011 for a 2 year stint. The 2 years eventually became 8 years and in August 2019 he finally returned to Sydney where he continues to oversee group operations.