Haydn Walker is a multi-award winning composer and Creative Director at Song Zu. He has won several of the prestigious APRA Screen Composer Awards, including Best Television Theme for Nickelodean Scariacs, Best Music for an Advertisement for Nurtrilon Hope and was nominated for Best Documentary soundtrack for 35 Letters which was the Sydney Film Festival Best Documentary winner. His feature film score to the IF award winning Men’s Group was also nominated for Best Film score at the festival. During this time he has also written songs, arranged and/or performed music with various prominent Australian acts including Grinspoon, The Potbelleez, Darren Hayes, Inga Liljestrom, Archie Roach, Andy Bull and Katie Noonan.

Haydn’s compositional versatility and adaptability is also displayed in the countless TVCs that he has written for elite advertising brands such as Coca Cola, Singapore Airlines and Qantas, many of which have been awarded both locally and abroad. He also composed the ABC Radio News Theme which has been in daily use for over a decade.

Some more recent work was for the cult horror feature film Observance for Josh Sims, Squinters for Adam Zwar at Jungle Entertainment, Soul Mates for the Van Vuuren Brothers and Girl of the Sky for Ariel Martin, which got picked for the Top 10 of 2018 by FilmShortage. His film score for the documentary feature Girls Can’t Surf got into the Tribeca Film Festival 2020 and premiered at the Sydney Film Festival. He also scored the 2021 Logie nominated sex comedy starring Katherine Parkinson, Spreadsheet for Paramount Plus.

Haydn also writes and performs for his own up and coming project, The Dark Horse.