Abby has been Song Zu Sydney’s sound supervisor for over 15 years. In that time she has worked closely with producers, composers and creators to manage, sound design and mix numerous TV series like Bad Mothers and Here Come the Habibs for Channel 9, Sando and Soul Mates for the ABC/NBCU, and tele-features Ganja Queen, Sick and Hammer Bay for HBO and MTV.

She has worked on local and international award winning feature films – King Kong (Academy Award winner) for Peter Jackson, Men’s Group (IF Best Film) for Michael Joy and 35 Letters (Sydney Festival Best Documentary) for Janine Hosking. Her work has been nominated for Australia Screen Sound Guild and APRA Screen Music awards.

She has also had an impressive career in advertising, working in both Singapore and Sydney on campaigns such as Qantas, Smirnoff, Coca Cola and Amazon to name a few. Her work has garnered her positions on creative craft juries for Music and Sound, for the London International Awards, AWARD award and the Clios.

A former violinist, she brings a musical ear to all she does. Passionate about innovative sound experiences, Abby has been working with VR audio developers experimenting with techniques to create 3D sound. She also contributes articles for