So Myles, you’ve been working at Song Zu for over ten years as a sound engineer – what got you interested in voice work?

Well, working with the best voice overs in Sydney, I guess you sort of get a bit of an ear for it. I got to do some guide reads and it went from there.

What was your first voice over job?

The first big one would have been for the Navy, for Defence Force.

How did that come about?

That was when we were working on the music for it and they had a script and they needed a guide read. I just jumped in and did a read against one of our tracks and they liked it.

That’s fantastic! Now that you’ve done a few more voice overs, how do you prepare for getting in the booth?

This is something I’ve sort of been trying to study a bit. Because it is kind of a performance, you do get the stage fright. I guess you’d call it performance anxiety. To get the confidence, you just kind of gotta deal with it.The more you do it, the more confident you get, obviously.

So it is performance but – your moving from one side of the glass to the othe. What kind of feedback to you find helpful for you performance?

Often it’ll be just something that I haven’t thought of, a way to say something that you’d never think of. It can often help, and open up other ideas and directions to go.

The headspaces would be quite different being the engineer to being the performer, would you say that?

It is, but it shares similarities. Over the years I guess I’ve heard every kind of feedback given, and given so much feedback as well. So jumping behind the mic, I can sort of decipher some of that feedback more quickly.

Do you find yourself vying for the job, in the room like a live audition?

No not really. I try not to put myself forward like that. That’s a bit embarrassing.

Just a thought!

How has it changed the way you work as an engineer? Do you think you voice up more and offer more suggestions now?

Yeah I think so, yeah. Maybe before if I heard it in my head I might dismiss it as…

Voices in your head?

The many voices in my head!

Have you been put into a position where you haven’t been able to understand the feedback?

Yeah, sometimes it’s not totally clear. I think often people don’t really know what they want until they hear it. So it’s often a case of just trying to give some variations. It can be difficult when you’re trying different things but they’re not quite sure what they want. There was one that I did and I didn’t quite understand the feedback. Try not to panic when you’re in there, try and breathe through it. But it was fine in the end. Sometimes you can hit a wall and you gotta kind of climb over it – slowly climb over it. I guess I haven’t had a real bad experience.

As an engineer it’s always about keeping good workflow and I guess that’s where the engineer side might influence how you approach a difficult brief, you just have to keep it flowing, that’s just what we do. I guess it’s one school of thought informing another.


I have had voice overs who just hit a wall and because they’re performers, they’re not as perhaps flexible in getting themselves out…

Yes, and I think some people say they don’t like to be fed a line, which I understand. Directing someone sometimes you don’t want to give them a read because then they might get stuck in that one lane, but then often it can open up other directions to go.

I guess the main thing in both jobs, is being flexible and listening.

Yes definitely, listening and being able to let stuff go quickly and change direction.


Nimble, that’s a good word.

Have you been supported in this pursuit?

Yeah the team here – we’ve got Song Zu Voice Casting now, have been excellent – just helping put me forward for the right jobs. They’ve just got so much experience and get so many scripts and requests for voices and they just know exactly where to put people and what kind of jobs to put them forward for and they’ve been really helpful and supportive of this new pursuit for me.

What does the future hold for Myles Lowe voice?

Who knows? The future is bright. My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades! I love it, I’m having a lot of fun with it and just keen to do more and learn more. I’m always learning more about it. See what happens!


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